Alpros – Rhododendron

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The rhododendron is the national flower of Nepal, where the flower is also enjoyed for its sour taste. I do not know if it is eaten, put into sallads or pickled, in Switzerland, but when visiting the Alps we have always been too late…the rhododendron – alprosen in Swedish, is faded and gone. This year, in June, the mountain slopes were in many places totally covered in red and we could enjoy this ”rose” wherever we went.

Sitting by the flowing brook in a sea of rhododendron – soothing.

Hiding in the shadows and glowing in the sun – this flower is dependant on these diversities. Most rhododendrons also prefer acid soils with a pH of roughly 4.5-5.5; and it is extensively hybridized. Much loved here in Sweden in parks and gardens together with its relative, the azalea.

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  1. Det er dejlige billeder fra Alperne. Så trist at gletcherne svinder ind. Det er enestående smukt med sneen og blomsterne. Tak for inspirationen, Ann-Christine ❤


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