Natur(lig) kontakt

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Dogs, Nature, Water

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Love my family, photography, art, literature, architecture, flowers, trees and dogs, but most of all Nature itself. I also keep on travelling...

10 thoughts on “Natur(lig) kontakt”

  1. skriver:

    Is that you and yours lovely Ann? Hugs and miss you!

    • Miss you too…and yes, it’s my daughter nd Mille. They’re talking and loving…

      • skriver:

        You are a good woman Ann! I am taking a break from here. Hopefully when the dust settles I will be back, healthy and happy !
        Be well. ♥

      • Leya skriver:

        I hope you are all right! Welcome back whenever – I’ll be missing you. Along with many others of course! We all need good women (and men) – and you are certainly one of those. Thank you for your sweet and kind words. They indeed warm my heart.♥


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